Jazz Suite for Palestine

I am currently finishing the arrangements to my ‘Jazz Suite for Palestine’.  I will be going into the studio in March with a Quintet, to record this as an album.

This will be a project where all proceeds of the album will go to Palestinian charities.  Although I am funding most of it myself, I am seeking help to properly pay the musicians for their work.  If you can give some money to the project, then please follow this link (http://bit.ly/VkD7Dm) and do so.

Hopefully the album will be completed and available for purchase in May.

Jazz Suite for Palestine – Gerald Clark.
Johnny Lippiett – Tenor Sax
Byron Wallen – Trumpet
Duncan Haynes – Piano
Sam Lasserson – Double Bass
Dave Hamblett – Drums

About theinterruptingsheep

Freelance Composer/Arranger/Song-writer. Longer blogs here, shorter ones on twitter @GeraldCmin6 My band is 'The Great Divide'. You can 'like' us on facebook through www.thegreatdivide.co.uk Contact me directly through www.theinterruptingsheep.com if you want me to score your project.
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